Hingste med Palomino farven i avlen

Fra England har foreningen modtaget meddelelse om, at det fremadrettet er tilladt at kåre og benytte hingste med Palomino farven i avlen af New Forest Ponyer. Læs her meddelelsen fra England nedenfor.

Ved brug af Palomino hingste skal man blot være opmærksom på, at Palomino farven bærer et cremegen og hingste med Palomino farven bør ikke bedække hoppe der ligeledes bærer et cremegen. Dermed er der risiko for føl i farven Cremello – hvide med blå øjne – denne farve er ikke tilladt i avl af New Forest Ponyer.

En guide i brug af hingste med et cremegen i avlen er under udarbejdelse og vil blive offentliggjort senere.



For a number of years the issue of the licensing of palomino stallions within the main section of the stud book has been discussed both within the Society Council and with daughter stud book societies around the world. Specialist veterinary advice has been sought and the latest genetic information researched and considered.

As a result of this work the Society Council has now taken a decision that with immediate effect, and not retrospectively, single dilute chestnut stallions (commonly referred to as palomino in colour) may be considered for licensing, subject to all other standard licensing procedures.  This does not change the breed description, as it has always been possible to register ponies that carry one copy of the cream dilution gene, but is a change to the stallion licensing regulations.

Acceptances of ponies carrying two copies of the cream dilution gene (often commonly referred to as blue-eyed-cream) will not change, and they continue to be ineligible for full registration into the main section of the stud book or to be considered for licensing as stallions.

February 2019